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So, you're looking for a pet sitter? Not sure what to expect? Not sure how the process works? What the services are? Pricing? Before we begin our journey together, we'd like to show you the full breadth of our services. Come, follow us as we walk you through our process.

With our step-by-step guide, you’ll learn why you should use a pet sitter, get answers to some frequently asked questions, check our service areas, get information on services and prices, and learn how to schedule a free meet & greet service consultation. Listed below are the steps to take to using our professional pet sitting and dog walking services. We recommend that you go through the steps in order.

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Pet Sitting 101
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Our OTHER Services

  • Why use a Professional Pet Sitter over Boarding your Pet?

    • Pets are happier and experience less stress in their home

    • No exposure to illness caused by kennels or group dog settings

    • Daily routines and feeding patterns remain uninterrupted

    • Travel trauma for both pet and owner is eliminated

    • In-home professional pet care added peace of mind

    • Pets receive individual attention from one dedicated sitter - attention that doesn't cost extra!

    • Your pets enjoy the every day comfort of home

  • Does the price cover all of my pets, or for each pet?

    • Our rate covers up to three pets. Four or more pets would incur an additional $5. For more info, check out Our Services section 

  • Are there multiple employees that would handling in-home visits, or one single point of contact?

    • At High 5 Pet Care, we offer 1-on-1 service, so you and your pet(s) have familiarity and peace of mind

  • Is it safe to have someone come to my home? 

  • Do you offer trips to dog parks?

    • Unfortunately, we do not offer trips to local dog parks. Our top priority is your pet's safety, so there are no off-leash recreational activities when in our care - just lots of play time at home, or a walk on leash in your neighborhood

  • How long have you been in service?

    • We have proudly been serving the Las Vegas area since 2015 with zero incidents

  • Do you offer boarding services?

    • We unfortunately do not currently offer boarding services, but in-home Pet Sitting

  • Puppy Training: What can I Expect?

We set up our first meet & greet to go through our evaluation process. We'll discuss what we're seeing, provide a recommendation and assess your puppies' ongoing needs as things progress. 
Please note: We only train puppies and not adult dogs. Our goal is to assimilate your puppy into your home so your experience is a little more enjoyable!
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